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I am Gertrude Njeri. A writer, who is passionate about personal finance.

I help young people like myself, learn more about saving, budgeting, investments, and making money.

I’m also a  Hubspot- certified content marketer and email marketer.

content marketing certification

If Hubspot, the world’s greatest content marketing brand, says that I know one or two things about content and digital marketing, then you’d better believe it.

I specialize in making personal finance content. i can help you with:


2.blog posts

3.guest posts

4. email marketing

and much more…

if you would like me to handle your content needs, kindly reach out to me by filling out this form. 

i usually respond in minutes


you can also find me on linkedin

It has only been three months and yet we are achieving so much

testimony on how the blog has helped outtestimony on how the blog has helped

1.James onyiego:

At least I have had a mental transition from your blogs… I’m seeing myself rich already … courtesy of *financial buddy*… stay blessed

2. Henry veteran

You really did well. You made business sound fun. Congrats, can’t wait for more. Let’s just say your new writing has instilled financial literacy in many

3. Ephraim Ndoro

“I continue to take steps towards financial literacy because of the wealth of knowledge I get from your blogs. Keep up the great work; you are making a difference