How to make money during Christmas in Kenya (2022)

Make money this Christmas in these easy ways.

  1. Sell Christmas decorations.

Make money this Christmas by selling Christmas decorations like Christmas trees, lights, inflatables, etc.

In Kenya, you can source Christmas decorations at affordable prices from Kamukunji wholesale stores.

I have also seen traders importing Christmas decorations from abroad for example from China via Alibaba etc

Once you have sourced them you can market them online for example in the Facebook marketplace.

  1. Sell gift baskets to earn money this Christmas

It is the season for giving gifts. Make the gift hunt process easier by creating gift baskets for people. Buy items cheaply from sellers and create a gift basket for different types of people and corporations.

Gift basket idea – Chocolates, wine, a watch, necklace, and earrings.

  • Body splash, a teddy bear, a book
  • A watch, mug, card,
  • assorted chocolates
  • notebook, pen
  1. Dress up like Santa clause/Father Christmas

Get paid by dressing up as Santa Clause. Talk to hotels, bars, and other local business owners and help them promote their products.

Earn extra cash by taking photos with kids and ho-hoing.

  1. Gift wrapping service to make money this Christmas

Learn how to uniquely wrap gifts and offer this as a service outside supermarkets. You can also offer Christmas-themed packaging as an extra service.

  1. Become a personal shopper.

Help people shop for items and get paid. You can run shopping errands for people who are very busy. This is a service that is in high demand during the holiday season.

5 ways you can make money in Kenya

  1. Create and sell custom Christmas Digital products

Use free design software like Canva to create Christmas digital products like Christmas cards and sell them. For book lovers, you can also create Christmas-themed bookmarks.

  1. Organize activities for children.

During the festive season, kids are at home. By organizing activities for kids, you’ll help keep them occupied and also help parents out. Some activities include

  1. Become a festive season middleman/broker

Help farmers sell their farm produce and earn.

You can advertise farm produce on social media on behalf of farmers at a fee. The Christmas season is a time when chicken and goats are in high demand. Earn this Christmas by connecting farmers with customers.

  1. Become a travel planner this Christmas

The Christmas season is when most people like traveling. However, most people don’t like the hustle of planning travel.

You can assist these people by booking flights, accommodation, and car rentals, and suggesting places to visit based on their budget.

How to make money online and get paid via MPESA.

  1. Become a local tour guide.

On the other hand, you can show tourists around for a fee.

Register on the Toursbylocal website as a local tour guide. By creating a tour guide account and earning money this Christmas.

In conclusion, there are so many ways you can make money this Christmas. Feel free to share any other ways you can make money this Christmas.

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