How to make money in the WRC

In the recently concluded world rally championship, some Kenyans were quick to make some money while enjoying the show. Some were even generous enough to share the amounts they made.

Riches made in the WRC

Here are some ways you can make money in the WRC

  1. Set up a stall. Now before you start giving me all the reasons why you can’t set up a stall, let me tell you something. During the 2021 WRC, Kenyans were selling items from the back of their cars. So no! You don’t need a physical stall. You can even sell from your car or hire a car for the event. This is unless things change in the next WRC.
  2. Procure what you’ll be selling from at a wholesale price. For this part, you’ll need to do your research well. Is your supplier reliable, how will you get the procured goods to the event, and so on. Most importantly can the supplier quickly replenish the stock once you run out of it during the event? Also, do your research to get the best price. During the 2021 WRC Kenyans sold everything from smokies, eggs, hotdogs to beer and renting out tents. Next time these items might be in plenty in supply. snacks sold at the WRC, smokies and chapatie
  3. Get a sales team. In order to maneuver such a big event, you’ll need backup. Your team could be a professional sales team or simply your friends and family. However do your calculations, don’t hire so many people that you won’t be in a position to pay them or yourself.
  4. Don’t be late for the party. In the 2021 WRC, there were no restrictions. There was no need to have a business permit. This might change in the coming WRC. So be informed.
  5. Have fun. It is an event after all, so enjoy yourself. Make new friends and get new contacts. This is known as networking. You never know your future business partner or investor might just be in that event. At the end of the day, enjoy the show!

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