Simple side hustle jobs for young adults in Kenya

Over my free time a thought crossed my mind. I could not resist giving it the attentiveness it deserves. You most certainly have a clue on it; that is if you have been following my posts. Its one about boosting your economic status. Making the extra coin from doing a hustle part time. Therefore I have pointed out some of the lucrative side hustle young adults can undertake. Below are some of them.

1. Selling clothes and accessories online.

Firstly, online business nowadays is very convenient. So, with your smart phone you can make a juicy amount from using it as an asset. You can sell clothes and other accessories through your phone. This is by taking good pictures of the items you want to sell. You can also provide a mode of delivery and payment for the products you are selling. Don’t forget to give a good description. You can also read on how to make money online and get paid through MPESA  here.

2. Becoming a waiter/waitress or bartender

There are a lot of restaurants around your area of residence. As young adults majority being students, this is another opportunity to make money. Even though we think of bartenders as immoral and violent, this is not the case everywhere. Most alcohol brands when marketing their products in clubs and events they hire young people. As a result, campus students embrace this hustle to earn them money.

A waiter carrying drinks

3. Offering a service

For this, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can collect and deliver goods and also documents. You could be owning a bicycle and with that you can deliver easily. Another service is laundry. This is a good one also considering that many people are busy and find it intensive to wash clothes. You can offer them this service and in return they pay you.

4. Part time tutoring

Are you always that smart student who loves studying and teaching people? This is a perfect opportunity to make money during your free time.  Make good use of this gift and offer to teach their kids. One can also get to schools and impact knowledge in the children.

5. Social media marketing

In my first point you can remember that it was about selling online. This is not any different but it is more wider. Being active on social media means you have many followers lets say a thousand. You can earn as much as that. There are brand endorsements where marketers earn as up to 30k a month. An example is YouTube blogger Wabosha Maxine, she makes a good amount.

Facebook page

6. Online writing/ blogging

This is the most flexible side hustle. It doesn’t really tale much of your time. Therefore ,you can start a blog and create content that will sell. Ensure that it attracts an audience so that it can subsequently earn you money. Apart from that,there are websites where you write and get paid once you submit your article. There are also academic papers for people especially research papers for students abroad.

if you would like to learn about blogging, feel free to get intouch with us. we’d be happy to teach you about blogging.

7. Participating in marketing focus groups

A focus group is a market research method that brings together 6-10 people in a room to provide feedback regarding a product, service, concept, or marketing campaign. Marketing companies are holding focus groups to study customer response to products and services.
Away from that, I have a friend who used to go train, educate and empower women of a certain SACCO. He would then later be paid a good amount.

8. Leverage your talents

Last but not least, when I say talent, I simply mean what you are good at. Interestingly it can be cooking, sewing, singing or braiding. Some of us are good at one of them but we haven’t explored further such that it came bring us some extra money. The best thing is that you get to do what you love while also making extra money out of it.


In conclusion.

As I put an end to this post, I would like to insist on online opportunities. Remember your smartphone is the greatest asset you can have as a youth. Also not forgetting how social we are so obviously we have a good following on social media platforms. That is like a target market for you. Make good use of what is at your disposal, it doesn’t have to be complicated. I would also like you to know some of the money mistakes Kenyans make in this Post. Don’t be a victim, its better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

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