The definition of a true modern lady

When I say the modern woman, what comes to your mind?

Does the proverbs 31 women come to mind? Probably not.

In honor of girlfriends day (1st August) I wanted to do something special. Come with me as I take you through my definition of the modern lady.

Before that, I will make a few assumptions.

Assumption number one, you my dear reader are a young lady.

Assumption number two, if you are not a lady, you are a gentleman who is curious about the definition of a modern woman or lady.

Do forgive me if my assumptions are wrong.

Kindly share this article with ladies out there. Because when we learn together, we grow together. Plus it’s fun to share good content with good friends.

The modern woman is her own ‘prince charming’

A lady holding a cup

She is busy making her dreams come true. not waiting for a man to take her out of her misery.

If you are a gentleman, you are probably nodding right now.

. The modern lady has her financial life together, or at least she is trying to get it together.

By having her financial life together, I mean that:

1.she is paying her own bills,

2. She has an active savings account,

3. She spends below budget and

4. she doesn’t get into debt over things she doesn’t need.

Notice that I have said need and not want.

Do you see yourself already?

The modern woman has a life insurance policy, a will, and has already started saving for retirement.

The modern lady has general knowledge about many things.

A lady smiling

This means that she is up to date about current affairs, she knows about football, politics, and so on.

I know that watching the news or reading the newspaper can be boring but as a modern woman staying up to date is crucial.

Knowing a thing or two about Brexit makes good conversation.

You can’t expect to make conversation with the elite if you know nothing about everything.

I once read somewhere that being beautiful without knowledge is like having a public holiday on a Saturday. Useless.

The modern woman knows how to cook.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not mean that her place is in the kitchen.

Neither do I mean that she is a master chef, no.

I mean that she can cook basic dishes. With these basics, she can recreate different meals.

The modern woman knows what looks good on her

A beautiful lady

she dresses in a manner that suits her body, shape, and age.

She knows what she looks good in and avoids what does not compliment her.

Her taste does not have to be sophisticated but is refined.

When she walks int a room, she commands attention. You have no choice but to turn and look at her.

You look at her, not because she is half-naked but because she is elegant. She is a true queen.

Her outfit is neither too big nor too small. It is just right.

A lady being dressed by a makeup designer

Her make up is not too much. You can hardly notice it. Everything about her looks is just right.

The modern woman is up to date with everything about her well-being.

From having medical checkups with her gynecologist to having her teeth checked often by her dentist.

She knows that her health is her wealth.

She does not stop with her physical well-being.

She feeds her spirit too by cultivating her relationship with her Maker. She is a prayer warrior.

If you think that that is enough, then you are wrong.

She feeds her mind with lots of quality information. Not gossip but books. She reads about leadership, money, and so on.

Before I forget, she keeps her overall physical health by eating right and exercising.

The modern woman is resourceful.

A beautiful lady looking forward

She knows a thing or two about fixing things around her house.

She can easily change the light bulb.

She can use the needle and thread.

If her car breaks down she has an idea of what to do.

She can do first aid and even has a first aid kit.

The modern woman is confident.

You know your worth.

When things are not working out, whether, in a relationship or job, she knows when to quit.

When she wants something, she goes after it. She is undoubtedly a goal digger, not a golddigger.

She is bold, tenacious, and highly educated.

The modern woman is courteous.

She often uses the words please and thank you in good measure.

She, however, refrains from over apologizing.

she knows how to receive a compliment.

she knows that she does not have to pay a compliment by complimenting someone back.

Despite her elegance and sophistication, she is well mannered.
She respects everyone and in return is respected by everyone.

Do you agree? Comment your thoughts.

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