Forex Trading Books for Beginners

Like any other valuable skill, you have to learn first before you earn from it.

Forex trading is one of those valuable and highly paying skills in our times.

You need to have your laptop, mobile phone, good and reliable internet connection, power supply and like any other business a good equity.

Forex education is the beginning point for every aspiring trader. You must understand what it entails, right from the basics to the more complex aspects of trading.

Forex Trading Guide For Beginners

This requires personal dedication, patience, perseverance, willingness to learn from others and reading forex trading books. Remember, you must first learn, master the skill then earn. There is no short cut.

Forex isn’t a get rich quick scheme, take time to understand it first.

Therefore, I would like to list down several books from where you can learn more about forex trading and grow your way to success in this high paying skill.

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1.BabyPips E-book

This e-book is derived from the school of pipsology, an online forex beginners learning platform ( This is one of the best forex education platform every novice should start from.

It is designed to help you acquire basic to complex skills for forex trading. To get the e-book you need to sign up to and download the PDF from the site.


2.Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple terms

This book is by Jim Brown. Jim has over 17 years of trading experience in foreign exchange.

He has tried almost all the trading methods of foreign exchange. In this book he guides those willing to venture in the foreign exchange yet they have no experience. The book also is crucial for those who need to sharpen their trading experience in forex. You can check this book on Amazon online store.

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3.The Black Book of Forex Trading

The author of the book is Paul Langer.

Langer elaborates the analysis of international monetary dynamics which causes the market to move.

The book in fact explains the macro-economic part of forex. This book is useful in understanding the causes of trends in the market and will sharpen the reader on how to trade better in midst of all this dynamics.


4.How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange

The book is authored by Courtney Smith.

Smith elaborates the trading strategies that a beginner can use in forex trading even when the markets seem unpredictable. One of the strategies he elaborates is also about increasing and doubling profits as one counties to get deeper in forex trade.


5.MT4/MT5 High Probability Forex Trading Method

This book is also by Jim Brown.

In this book Jim demonstrates 75 graphics which will equip you with advantages and disadvantages of the technical indicators used in forex trade today.

This is a master piece you need to check if you are really passionate about forex. This book was one of the best-selling forex books in the year 2018.

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6.Essentials of Forex Trading

The book is authored by James Chen.

This is a nice book for a beginner in forex trade, it explains the basic trading mechanics used in forex. It also explains the currency trading methods as well as the skills. It also contains information on risk and money management.


7.Forex Trading for Absolute Beginners

The book is by Jonny N. Newman.

This book helps the beginners in making a good decision on which trade tools they will need to use as they pursue forex trading.

It sheds light on all the basics they need to understand namely the basic forex strategy, the forex charts, the technical indicators and many others as they are explained chapter by chapter in this book.


8.Forex for Ambitious Beginners: A Guide to Successful Currency Trading

This book is by Jelle Peters who runs a forex website and writes articles on forex trade.

The book concentrates on showing the reader how not to make mistakes in forex trading especially in the initial stages of trading. The book contains questions at the end which may help the reader to assess his or her understanding.


9.Forex for Beginners: What You Need to Know to Get Started and Everything in Between

Anna Coulling wrote this classic book on forex.

The book gives the very essential knowledge for beginners. It covers topics such as currency quotes all the way to forex market forces. She elaborates the low, medium and high risk in forex and how to manage it in order to get profits.


10.Day Trading the Currency Market

This book is by Kathy Lien, a former director at FX360.

The book gives a very good introduction to forex and the trading strategies thereafter are explained. Both the fundamental and the technical approach is used in this book. This book is also for those who want to properly use a specific trading strategy in forex.


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