Why personal finance.

In the wake of this pandemic, my eyes have been opened to the fact that we need better money management agilities. In other words, personal finance proficiency.

Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if the government were to call for a complete lockdown?

In such an event no one would be permitted to move about.

How many of us would survive more than a week without running out of food and supplies? Not many.

Save, budget, invest.

Well, what if we learned how to save a little, budget and invest? Just think about it.

We’ll learn some essential skills, like spending less than we earn, making your money work for you and protecting your money.

Even in the worst scenario where the economy is plummeting you can have somewhere to rely on apart from your current job that may or may not be lost.

If this were to happen again (God forbid it did) we would be in a better position to overcome it,having learnt these essential skills.

We would endure it more comfortably without the worry of going broke. Since all we need (such as food, rent, shelter, medical care and also education in most cases)could be catered for.

budgeting tips for beginners

The suggestion

What I am suggesting is that we learn how to manage the little we have.
This is because no one can predict the future.

Therefore it is prudent to have something on the side to support us in times of a catastrophe or any life-threatening pandemic. Consequently, we can and will feel secure.

savings tips for beginners

Have you ever heard of an EMERGENCY FUND and If so do you have one?

In the coming weeks, I’ll be disclosing more about where, how, the do’s and don’t ‘s on how to handle finances.

This is to help us avoid singing the same song every year in the face of an emergency.

Moreover, these tips will also apply when there is no cause for alarm like having money to spend with your family and have fun.

My main concern will be to help us know how to set up an emergency fund and everything else in between.

Would you like to have an extra $1 in the pocket at the end of the day?

Of course, you would, but this can only happen if and when we are aggressive and open-minded enough to see opportunities knocking at the door and grab them.

how to make money on campus

Are you ready to change your lifestyle as early as now?

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  1. Ian

    Impressive,I’d like to learn more about personal savings

    1. Gertrudenjeri

      Thank you Ian
      I’ll get to work on all things savings

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    Good work!! ,, thanks for sharing …Can’t remember the last time I read such an inspiring blog…
    My words can’t explain this enough…..

    1. Gertrude Njeri

      Welcome. I am humbled by your words. Thank you for the comment.

  10. Kim

    Awesome info njeri.. I got to start saving

    1. Gertrude Njeri

      Thank you.. You do that. My mission will be half way complete

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